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Saddleworth Environmental Services provide a range of professional removal services.

The health risks associated with asbestos are usually due to disturbance, for example, the removal of old corrugated roofing panels, old garages walls & roofing, widely used cements and plasters in older buildings, and general 'take for granted' items like pipe lagging, toilet cisterns and the old stick down type plastic floor coverings.

In fact, much of the plastics used in every day items around the home until recently contained asbestos.
However, before we all panic and throw away our retro radios, record players and such like, asbestos is really only a threat when you start to disturb it.

Saddleworth Environmental Services can check and test your surroundings, using high tech, sampling skills and equipment.
Ensuring your space is safe, and if we do locate the presence of asbestos, we safely remove it with the minimum of disruption.


Many homes/offices contain textured coatings on walls & ceilings which may contain asbestos.  Providing these materials are left untouched, they will pose no  threat to the health of those using the buildings. However, if you are planning building work, or even just fixing  something to your wall or ceiling that involves drilling or any  other disturbance, you should know if the material contains  asbestos before deciding how best to proceed. 

Asbestos Garage and Roof Removal

Saddleworth Environmental Services can remove your old asbestos garage or asbestos garage roof for you safely, totally  removing all asbestos sheet panels, roofing sheets and any broken bits around the site. The problem with these garages, sheer quantity! There are thousands still being used, with thousands just in bits. Often ideal places for homeless people to sleep, or children to use as play dens. We can remove these structures quickly, without fuss, and dispose of using the correct centres for asbestos destruction.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Early Bakelite 'plastic' floor tiles had a small amount of asbestos  added for extra strength in the material, but with the advent of personal DIY, and home/office modernisation, the tendency is to 
rip up this type of flooring, replacing it with new.
Unfortunately the very act of removal can be very aggressive, and this removal work also tends to be at close proximity meaning the likelyhood of enhaling abestos fibres is greatly increase.
Saddleworth Environmental Services, have the specialist equipment to minimise any airbourne asbestos.


Early Bakelite ’plastic’ toilet systems contain small amount of asbestos, however if systems are in good condition, they can be left alone and managed by annual inspection. Most people would never consider them to have a content of 
abestos in them, but breaking them up to remove them, can release fine abestos fibres into the atmosphere, these extremely fine powders can be inhaled so easily.Saddleworth Environmental Services, can quickly and efficently take the worry away, and dispose of the harmful asbestos in the correct safe way.

Asbestos Gaskets & Industrial Sealing products were widely used on pipes, boilers and in between joints preventing the contents of the pipe from leaking out. Asbestos was widely used as a  component of this product because it provided resistance to hightemperatures, as well as excellent durability & flexibility. That said the nature of this type of gasket required constant 
maintenance, and removal can often involve chiselling or hacking away at the joints gaskets. Saddleworth Enviromental Services, have a different and safer approach to the removal of old abestos gaskets. With appropriate precautions applied, taking into account the environment they are contained within.

Soffits in many homes & offices in the UK, over 20 years old may contain some form of asbestos.
Who is at risk? People who take it upon themselves to remove or renew soffits, who are often unaware abestos is present, New HSE Laws and Awareness, are helping to protect these people. Saddleworth Environmental Services team are fully knowledgeable and very capable of removing soffits for you, in a controlled and safe way, with the old soffits disposed of within HSE guidlines. 

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Saddleworth Environmental Services’ technicians are fully trained in the removal of waste and the cleaning and sanitisation of areas that have been contaminated by bird guano.
Our superior cleaning & disinfection measures ensure that all procedures are performed in a safe & efficient manner to help protect you from the health hazards these horrible environments 
can present. The safe removal of bird waste is not only vital to improve the aesthetic appearance of the building or surface it is present on, prolonging the life of the surface, but also to ensure any risk to 
human health is minimised. Saddleworth Environmental Services ensure safe removal 
and disposal with the minimum of disruption.

Saddleworth Environmental Services offer a professional soft strip demolition service nationwide for clients who demand nothing less than excellence, a sensitive approach to demolition and value for money. Safe and correct asbestos removal requires a specialist skill-set 
along with specialist equipment. Our services are conducted by  highly trained & experienced operatives who understand and  who work under controlled conditions in accordance with current 
health & safety legislation.

Our team are fully qualified to current industry standards (BOHS P402) and have experience of surveying anything from a small residential flat through to large offices and industrial sites that are in constant use. We offer all types of survey as detailed below and also the  periodic inspections that are required every 6-12 months to  manage the register.  All samples are tested at an independent UKAS Accredited Laboratory.

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