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About Saddleworth Environmental Services

​We are professionals with an impeccable safety record. We know it is essential to handle asbestos carefully as its tiny fibres can easily get into the air and become a danger to those close by.

That's why we make asbestos safety out number one priority. With almost 40 years' experience in dealing with asbestos, out team is able to work confidently and efficiently.

​In addition, we always use the latest tools and equipment for the job.


Did you know?

It would be pretty fair to say, that the average person in the street, knows absolutely nothing about Asbestos,
or the life threatening situations it can bring to individuals and families alike who come into contact with it.

Sadly, there are many builders, plumbers, electricians and general trades people as well, who show a complete ignorance to Asbestos, with over 20 a day dying from asbestos due to exposure to it.

Those who enjoy doing DIY on older properties are also at risk, as the concentration of Asbestos is often higher.


Decorative Products Removal

Found in so many homes across the UK.


Local Land


Sadly many tradesmen dump asbestos without following the guidelines. We'll sort this for you.

Long standing


Many sheds built pre-90's are installed with Asbestos panels. These decay and release fibres over time.


Asbestos Gasket


Asbestos Gaskets & Industrial Sealing products were widely used  on pipes, boilers and in between joints preventing the contents of the pipe from leaking out.


Our Quality Guarantee

​Asbestos removal is provided by trained and experienced professionals who are experienced with dealing with asbestos by UKATA.

We dispose of asbestos at approved waste sites that are licensed to accept asbestos.

After all disposals, we will give you a hazardous waste consignment note, a mandatory document issued by The Environment Agency, to confirm we have disposed of the asbestos through official sites. To provide security against all risks, we have public liability insurance to the value of £5million. Asbestos is a lethal substance, we will ensure total safety for all concerned.

For further information: Please contact us to find out more about our asbestos removal service, sharps removal & bird guano issues to get a free quote. 

Our expert team will be happy to answer your questions and talk you through the process of safe removal in more detail.

Need some professional advice?

Speak to us about your Asbestos concerns.

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