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Since May 2004 people responsible for non-domestic premises such
as schools, offices, etc., have needed to know about Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM's) on their premises, its location, condition and how to manage it.
This requires each building to have an asbestos register and management plan available on site. 

Additionally, if you are working on domestic premises, you have a duty of care to ensure that any potential asbestos containing materials (ACM's) are not disturbed during your work and an asbestos survey must identify these and assist in planning the work.

Our team are fully qualified to current industry standards (BOHS P402) and have experience of surveying anything from a small residential flat through to large offices and industrial sites that are in constant use.  

We offer all types of survey as detailed below and also the periodic inspections that are required every 6-12 months to manage the register. 

All samples are tested at an independent UKAS Accredited Laboratory.

Accountant Records

Management Plan

This is a live document that must be created to show how you are
managing identified asbestos.

This also aids planning any remediation work that may be required ensuring that it is as cost effective as possible.  
Our management team will create a simple to use working plan that confirms your priorities and advise on how to maintain your management plan within the law. 

Saddleworth Environmental Services can carry out a cradle to grave service which would include the required periodic inspections, ongoing risk & priorities, asessments, remediation planning and subsequent
​updating of your management plan.


Reinstatement, Refurbishment &
Demolition Surveys

The surveyor follows the same process as for a Managing Survey but investigation is fully intrusive.  

If it is suspected that there may be asbestos under the floor, in the walls or between layers of the ceiling, an endoscope is used or the structure must be opened up to reveal potentially hidden asbestos.

This may cause damage to the fabric of the building but is obviously required if the building is to be demolished or if the interior design of the building is going to be changed.  
We are able to build air tight
enclosures under negative pressure to ensure we are able to intrusively investigate any voids within the work area.

Checking Text on a Document

Management Survey

These are visual inspections only & it must be presumed that any suspect material contains asbestos, unless there is strong evidence to the contrary.
Questions can still be left unanswered. 

This is the most preferred type of survey carried out as it provides a confirmed laboratory result. 

The process is the same as in the presumptive survey but a small sample of the potential ACM is taken to be tested at a UKAS Accredited Laboratory.  

​This ensures that only confirmed ACM's are managed.

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